Toyota Corolla Japan Model Debut in 2019.

“The Corolla & Corolla Touring”, which has made its first debut in Europe and North America, has attracted attention for its sporty appearance and polished performance as a basic car. The domestic model will finally appear in the fall of 2019.

New Exterior

“Dynamic and sporty style. Unify the global model and platform into a wide & low silhouette. The sporty appearance that attracts attention all over the world has renewed the image of Corolla. Furthermore, we have developed a narrow body exclusively for domestic use, and we have achieved ease of use in line with Japanese roads..

New Performance

“Adopting a global model and a common platform (TNGA * 1), it achieves improved driving performance and high-quality ride. Furthermore, the suspension which repeated the run experiment on various roads and gave the tuning is carried.”

New Safety

“Intelligent Clearance Sonar [parking support brake (stationary object)] is adopted in addition to all vehicles standard equipment of advanced safety safety package Toyota Safety Sense * 2. It offers a high level of safety performance in a variety of driving scenes from highways to downtown and parking.”

New Hybrid

“Low fuel consumption and comfortable running. The hybrid system pursues smooth driving with excellent fuel efficiency performance. We have made great strides in terms of ecology and economy as well as driving performance.”

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