LEXUS unveils the new “ES” for the first time in the world

Debut in 2021

□ Achieves quietness and improved ride quality, which is the origin of the brand
□ Pursuing a linear response that is faithful to the driver’s intention, which is a unique ride of LEXUS
□ The elegant design that is the feature of ES has been further modernized
□ Latest Adopts excellent advanced preventive safety technology such as “Lexus Safety System +”

LEXUS unveiled the new “ES” for the first time in the world. It is scheduled to go on sale in Japan around the fall of 2021. ES began selling with the flagship sedan LS in 1989. It is the core model of the LEXUS lineup, which has been well received by many customers around the world for its quietness, ride comfort, and spacious interior space, and has sold a total of approximately 2.65 million units in more than 80 countries and [...]

TOKYO — Toyota Motor is set to introduce 15 electric vehicle models by 2025 as the world’s biggest automaker looks to capture a slice of the fast-growing EV market.

The Japanese automaker is known for kick-starting the market for hybrid vehicles, which combine an engine with an electric motor, but has been less aggressive than its U.S. and European rivals in developing fully electric models. Its latest move is the first indication that Toyota intends to catch up and develop a full lineup of eco-friendly vehicles.

Seven of the EV models will be launched under a new brand, Toyota bZ. The first model, the Toyota bZ4X SUV, will be jointly developed with compatriot Subaru, in which Toyota has a 20% stake, and will go on sale by the middle of 2022.

Based on the proposition of reducing CO2 emissions throughout the life cycle, Toyota [...]

Toyota will make a full model change of the new Noah Voxy in July 2021 and start selling it. The brother car Esquire will also be fully remodeled and released at the same time. Toyota dealers will start the integration sequentially from 2019 and will integrate “Noah”, “Voxy” and “Esquire” accordingly. It is expected that the Japanese model will remain “Noah”. The current model was released on January 20, 2014, and will be a full model change in seven and a half years. Expected price: 2.5 million yen to 3.35 million yen.

In addition, the new Noah Voxy GR, which will be a performance model, will be added around November 2021. “Yaris WRC”, which participated in the WRC that started on January 20, 2017, will debut and shift from the “G’s” brand to the new brand “GR”. Along with this, the current Noah G’s / Voxy G’s has been discontinued.


LEXUS LM300 LM300h luxury minivan

Debut in November 2021

Lexus plans to release the new “LM300” and “LM300h” in November 2021.

It was unveiled for the first time in the world at the Shanghai Motor Show 2019, which will be held from April 16th to April 25th, 2019. Expected price: Around 20 million yen. On June 12, 2018, the Japanese Patent Office filed a trademark application for commercial applications (2018-77621, 77622) “LM300” and “LM300h”. In the United States, the trademark applications for “LM300” and “LM300h” were filed on the same day. It will be released in Japan around November 2021.


The new Lexus “LM300” and “LM300h”

Lexus LM is the flagship luxury sedan “LS (flagship sedan)”, the flagship luxury GT coupe “LC (flagship coupe”, the full-size luxury SUV “LX (flagship crossover)”, and the luxury yacht “LY”. It is the fifth flagship product [...]

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