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Your money is 100% secure with us.

easy Cars accept payment by bank, PayPal, and other various secure methods as described on this page. Please always make sure you receive an order confirmation from our sales representative before sending money. Pay only to our company bank account. Do not make any payment to our staff’s personal bank account for whatever reason. Your money is 100% secure with Easy Cars.

easy Cars Japan is you reliable & Trusted car exporter in Japan. We are truly a customer-oriented organization. We place our customer satisfaction at the core of all our current and future business decisions. Easy Cars Japan is always ready and waiting to serve our customers.

easy Cars Japan is a brand name of EXINEX CO., LTD. which is a registered entity in Japan under Corporate No. 2010001196561 in the government body of the National Tax Agency in Japan.

easy Cars Japan is an authorized USS member in Japan. Only USS-authorized members can get your NINJA livestock access. Before you pay vehicle request NINJA access. If the Company can arrange NINJA access to you that proves the company is a legitimate auction-authorized dealer.


  • Research exporters online to make sure they’re legitimate. Check how recent the reviews are and watch for a burst of reviews over a short period of time. That can sometimes mean the reviews are fake. Check if the reviewer has written other reviews. If so, read those to get a better sense of how much to trust that reviewer.
  • Verify that the company name is on the bank account and that the bank is located in the country where the business is located. Money should never be sent to a personal name.
  • Make sure the website is secured (https://) and it has domain name either, or .jp. Not like .com domain only Japan registered company can acquire, or .jp domain.
  • Know your rights and the company’s refund policy.
  • Be smart. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Our Customer’s Feedback about Service


We take pride in the satisfaction of our customers that have helped us build our business for nearly 10 years! Take a minute and read what our customers have said about our work. We always make sure that both parties benefit from the relationship. We want our customers to be happy, so they come back for more of our services and tell their friends and relationships to do business with you. This is the true success of our business.

  • I was search for the genuine parts for my Toyota car. EasyCar has provided very good respond and communication on my inquiries. They also verified the parts correctly prior to... read more

    Charmaine Chow Avatar Charmaine Chow

    I’m glad to say that I’m an old customer of EasyCars Japan. They are helpful and respectful to their customers. Provide you with genuine quality parts and you can purchase... read more


    I needed a Genuine Tonneau cover for Toyota Yaris Cross. So I searched in Google where I can find a part like that and Easycars was one of the first... read more

    ran talmor Avatar ran talmor
  • I got my 2020 Rav4 TRD street monster full kit from them. It was easy communication. Always got my inquiries answered on time. Parts were shipped through FedEx got them... read more

    Tablin Anower Avatar Tablin Anower

    Great, great service! At first I was sceptical importing directly from Japan, but the team at EasyCars Japan made it very straight forward. Communication is ace, support throughout ordering and... read more

    Nicolas Martin Avatar Nicolas Martin

    I ordered a rear wing for my Toyota GR Yaris. EasyCars is probably the best address to order tuning parts for your japanese car, directly from Japan. It was a... read more

    Lennart K Avatar Lennart K
  • Outstanding communication and fair price, a very good company to deal with.

    Wile E. Coyote Avatar Wile E. Coyote

    Great service, I am in the UK and everything arrived as promised in a very quick time and well packaged.

    Mark Hawkins Avatar Mark Hawkins

    The team have been super helpful from start to finish, whether that’s been advice, purchasing / payment or shipping. It felt a little daunting at the start to be ordering... read more

    Ben Manzi Avatar Ben Manzi
  • Trusted seller in Japan selling genuine Japanese product, I bought a complete Modellista body kit for my Alphard.They were extremely helpful and find me cheapest shipping to Singapore and ha... read more

    Abel Neo Avatar Abel Neo

    Seller is very responsive and had 1 of the best customer services that you will find. I am located in Singapore but my purchase reaches me within a week of product... read more

    Lim Alvin Avatar Lim Alvin

    Item arrived on time as described. very good service. quick response time. will order again!

    John Fajardo Avatar John Fajardo
  • They are definitely one of the most reliable and good service online sellers in Japan. I bought an original TRD Armrest from them for my Copen GR Sport. I won’t... read more

    Harry Yu Avatar Harry Yu

    I have recently purchased a GR cooling engine undercover from them for my Toyota GR Yaris. Without exaggeration one of the best customer service, I have recently experienced. They did... read more

    F K Avatar F K

    I love the fact they have a huge range of genuine Toyota GR Yaris and other racing car accessories and parts you can buy online. They are very responsive trusted and... read more

    王昌平 Avatar 王昌平
  • I bought GR cooling engine undercover for my GR Yaris. It was the best online buying experience I have had. The whole process was customer-focused and engaged. They managed to... read more

    Erwin Paumen Avatar Erwin Paumen

    I like to express my appreciation to Mr Mano from for his assistance. He is patient and very helpful in my inquiry. From the product information to how to... read more

    Lee Vincent Avatar Lee Vincent

    A very trustworthy genuine, and friendly seller! I placed the order and later decided to cancel the order. They refunded the total amount without and penalty. I would recommend this... read more

    Leroy Avatar Leroy
  • A very trustworthy genuine, and friendly seller! I placed the order and later decided to cancel the order. They refunded the total amount without and penalty. I would recommend this... read more

    เอกคา ยุทธจกร Avatar เอกคา ยุทธจกร

    I purchased a Modellista Elegant Ice body kit for my C-HR and had it freighted to Australia. EasyCars were extremely helpful every step of the way including continuously checking in... read more

    Allan T Avatar Allan T

    I purchased a Modellista Elegant Ice body kit for my C-HR and had it freighted to Australia. EasyCars were extremely helpful every step of the way including continuously following up... read more

    Truly Avatar Truly
  • Place is legit and sell rare car parts at affordable rate. Customer service is top notch. Will deal again if have the chance

    chua chong han Avatar chua chong han

    Very attentive and responsive. Thanks

    Lee Jordan Avatar Lee Jordan

    Very nice and quick service, ordered and within the week i received my order. They where very usefull trough messenger replying on all my questions...

    maurice claeys Avatar maurice claeys
  • Serious seller, Bought a complete TRD body kit for my LX 570 with shipping to Kenya, which they sorted. Would purchase from them in the future.

    David Soares Avatar David Soares

Payment By Bank

We Accept Credit Card Payment


We understand that PayPal and Credit card payment is convenient but charge a processing fee. So, when you pay using a credit card, 3.5% and PayPal 4.5% are added as processing fees when you check out. There will be no additional cost for customers who pay via WISE or bank account.

Use WISE to pay money to us for less


Use Wise to pay us. Save up to 10x on international transfers in over 50 currencies, without any hidden fees. The survey results showed that Wise offers up to six times the savings on international remittances, payments, and withdrawals compared to competitors. Click on WISE icon bellow for instructions.

Foreign Currency Payment Accounts

Other Secure Payment Types


Shopping with PayPal is safer and easier because all you need is your email and password, and we’ll keep all your details safe and secure. World-class security – PayPal keeps all your financial information securely encrypted and protected with 24/7 anti-fraud monitoring. Always protected –
If something goes wrong with your purchase, you’re protected by PayPal’s Buyer Protection.


An escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. It helps make transactions more secure by keeping the payment in a secure escrow account which is only released when all of the terms of an agreement are met as overseen by the escrow company.


JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association) Safe Trade (JUST) is a secure payment service that protects both buyers and suppliers. By using JUMVEA Safe Trade you do not have to worry about losing your money if the supplier does not ship your vehicle. Safety of both parties is guaranteed by JUMVEA. JUMVEA is a non profit government recognized business association.


WISE A cheaper, faster way to send money abroad. Join over 10 million people who get the real exchange rate with Wise. WISE is up to 8x cheaper than banks. They’re on a mission to bring transparency to finance, for people without borders. WISE charges as little as possible, and they always show you upfront. No hidden fees. No bad exchange rates. No surprises


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