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TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) has made some improvements to the GR86, including additional safety features and improved driving performance. Orders will be accepted from Toyota vehicle dealers nationwide from September 22nd, and from November 1st. It will be released from.

In addition, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the birth of the AE86, the ancestor of the GR86, and to express our gratitude for the patronage of many sports car fans, we will be offering a special edition GR86 RZ “40th Anniversary Limited” for a limited time. A limited number of units will be sold. Based on the RZ grade, the exterior is limited to white or red exterior colors, with special decals reminiscent of the red x black and white x black two-tone of the AE86, and the interior has a [...]

There is another major pillar in the development of the GR Yaris.
That is “driver-first car manufacturing.” EXTERIOR Front Design

Designed to improve cooling efficiency by drawing in more air.

The lower grille uses a steel mesh that is both thin, lightweight and strong, and the bumper lower side uses a new split structure. This simplifies restoration and replacement work in the event of damage caused by flying objects such as stones during motorsports competitions, and also reduces repair costs. The side lower grille has been changed to a larger opening to ensure cooling performance. Furthermore, by providing an outlet on [...]

To enjoy life to the fullest.
What you need is a tough buddy.
He is more powerful, more robust, more rugged.
Let’s go our way while overwhelming everything.
A special Hilux with an aggressive personality.
A dependable guy with a rough look.
Z “Revo ROCCO Edition”
Finally landed in Japan.





GR86 is an FR pure sports series bearing the name of Toyota’s famous car “Hachiroku” “AE86” that was active in the 1980s. Development was carried out as a joint project between Toyota’s motorsports department “TOYOTA GAZOO Racing” and Subaru, and the second generation model was released in 2021.  For the 2024 model of such GR86, a special specification car “Trueno Edition” based on the premium grade has appeared. This name is conscious of the Sprinter Trueno “AE86”, and the familiar white and black coloring is also set as the nickname of “Panda Trueno”.









A new type of Alphard with an emotional and creative atmosphere, a package that
is easy to get in and out of and drive, and has an agile and sporty driving experience.







Scheduled to be released after autumn 2023
A new type of sports SUV with an emotional and creative atmosphere, a package that
is easy to get in and out of and driving, and an agile and sporty driving experience.



Figures are development target values ​​and are subject to change.




Delica was born in 1968. So far, packed with a lot of family and gear,
We have created a one-of-a-kind view of the world called a 4WD off-road minivan that jumps out into the outdoors. While inheriting the powerful styling of the SUV Delica, it is a light super height wagon that is easy to use.
It’s small, but it’s tough.

The GR Yaris, which continues to evolve through training in the field of motorsports,
Toyota will launch “GR parts” tuned to match the GR Yaris while maintaining the concept of the GRMN Yaris, which has been refined with professional drivers by introducing a number of dedicated parts. You can enjoy sports driving on a higher level while relaxing.


GR steering wheel (ultra suede skin + silver stitch) – Released on 30th January 2023
Ultra suede is used for the epidermis to improve operability. The stitching is silver to match the color coordination of the GR Yaris. In addition, this product can also be installed on the RS grade.


Toyota Gazoo Racing
A design directly related to motorsports that pursue driving functions.



GR Sport-specific front features.

Dedicated grill (TOYOTA)

Bi-Beam LED headlamps (with auto-leveling function and exclusive decoration)

Dedicated front bumper SIDE/REAR

Rear bumper (gloss black paint)

Electric retractable door mirror with side turn lamp (black paint)

Dedicated over fender

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado soldiers on, and it’s now available in a new Matte Black Edition in Japan. This follows the 70th Anniversary Edition that launched last year, just before the new Land Cruiser debuted.

The new Matte Black Edition doesn’t add any performance upgrades, but it does spice up the SUV’s styling.



Radiator grill [matte black painting] & grill inner bar [matte black painting]


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