Toyota New GR Yaris Debut in 2024 Spring.

Born from WRC

There is another major pillar in the development of the GR Yaris.
That is “driver-first car manufacturing.”


Front Design

Designed to improve cooling efficiency by drawing in more air.

The lower grille uses a steel mesh that is both thin, lightweight and strong, and the bumper lower side uses a new split structure. This simplifies restoration and replacement work in the event of damage caused by flying objects such as stones during motorsports competitions, and also reduces repair costs. The side lower grille has been changed to a larger opening to ensure cooling performance. Furthermore, by providing an outlet on the side of the bumper, heat from the sub-radiator and ATF cooler can be effectively dissipated *1 .
*1. ATF cooler is standard equipment on GR-DAT equipped vehicles.
The sub-radiator is a manufacturer option as part of the cooling package. .

Steel mesh lower grill
The lower grille (A) is made of steel mesh, achieving both thinness, light weight, and strength. Additionally, the opening area has increased compared to conventional resin types, improving cooling efficiency.
Improved cooling performance
An opening is installed in the side lower grille to ensure cooling performance (B), and an outlet is installed on the side of the bumper to discharge heat from the sub-radiator (C).
Front bumper with split structure

The lower bumper side (D) has a new split structure to reduce costs and make replacement work easier in the event of damage during rally driving.

Drive First Cockpit Design

A cockpit designed to put the driver first with professional drivers.

Rear Design

A rear design typical of the GR Yaris was created as a result of pursuing performance.

Changes from the current model

1. Tilt the operation panel + display toward the driver (15 degrees)
2. Hazard switch relocation
3, VSC OFF switch relocated
4. Intercooler spray switch relocated.
5. Passenger seat tray expansion + USB terminal (Type-C)
6. Driving position lowered by 25mm
7. GR Full TFT meter
8. Added slit for cable passage (glove box)
9. Clutch pedal/footrest angle change
10. Door switch height change
11. Nanoe X added
Red seat belt [RZ “High performance”]
Added removable separator (cup holder)
Added notch for racing harness (carpet)
Increased rear tray depth.

Driving position & forward visibility

Driving position has been improved by lowering the driving position by 25mm and adjusting the steering position accordingly. Additionally, forward visibility has been expanded by moving the mounting position of the interior mirror to the top of the windshield and lowering the top of the center cluster by 50mm.

Slanted center cluster

Layout with the operation panel facing the driver. In particular, the center display is tilted 15 degrees to emphasize the cockpit feel.

Change the position of switches.

Switches used during races, such as the hazard switch, VSC OFF switch, and intercooler spray switch, have been moved to positions where they can be seen and easily reached even when the rider’s body is restrained by a harness.

Change shift lever position/ shift change.

Pursuing even more speed and fun with accurate information provision and operability

GR Full TFT meter

12. Adopts 3-inch full color TFT * meter. While incorporating the opinions of professional drivers, we focus on the visibility and vehicle information necessary for sports driving.
*. TFT [Thin Film Transistor]: Thin Film Transistor

Passenger seat tray enlargement + USB terminal

The height has been increased based on feedback from the All-Japan Rally Championship. In addition to making, it easier to place a monitor for the co-driver, a USB power supply terminal has also been added. Regarding depth, we also take into consideration the usability of smartphones and commercially available additional meters.


GR-DAT (GAZOO Racing Direct Automatic Transmission)

Expanding the base of motorsports, this is a newly developed 8-speed automatic transmission.

In order for more people to enjoy the powerful appeal of the GR Yaris, the newly developed 8-speed AT aims for a racing driving equivalent to that of MT. By being able to concentrate on driving without being constrained by shift operation, it provides driving pleasure to all drivers, from those who want to enjoy sports driving more to those who want to improve their time on circuits, etc., as well as light driving on ordinary roads.

Run fast while staying in the D range
The AT control software is optimized for sports driving. In the past, the system sensed vehicle behavior such as deceleration G and speed and shifted gears, but by detecting in detail how to step on and out the brakes and how to operate the accelerator, and to anticipate the situation when shifting is required before a change in vehicle behavior occurs, it is possible to select gears that understand the driver’s intentions. It allows for gear selection similar to that of shifting by a professional driver.

Multi-stage transmission from 6-speed MT to 8-speed AT and adoption of cross ratio
After multi-stage transmission from 6-speed MT to 8-speed AT, the cross-ratio system realizes driving that takes advantage of the powerband. In addition, the RZ “High performance” is equipped with Torsen ®LSD to improve the driving force control performance by operating the accelerator.
■ “Torsen” is a registered trademark of JTEKT Corporation.

Thoroughly trained shifting speed
In addition to the use of a high-heat-resistant friction material for the shifting clutch inside the AT, the AT control software has been improved to achieve a quick shifting speed.


1.6L Turbo Engine

1.6L turbo engine with improved output and torque
Aiming to improve competitiveness in motorsports, engine output has been increased from 200kW (272PS) to 224kW (304PS) and torque from 370N・m (37.7kgf・m) to 400N・m (40.8kgf・m).

Aiming to improve competitiveness in motorsports, engine output has been increased from 200kW (272PS) to 224kW (304PS) and torque from 370N・m (37.7kgf・m) to 400N・m (40.8kgf・m).

New model Current type
Engine method G16E-GTS
Type In-line 3-cylinder intercooler turbo
Total Displacement L
Bore x stroke mm
87.5 x 89.7
Compression Ratio 10.5
Maximum Output kW(PS)/ rpm
224(304)/6,500 200(272)/6,500
Maximum Torque N・m (Kgf・m) /rpm
400(40.8)/ 3,250 ~ 4,600 370(37.7)/ 3,000 ~ 4,600
power weight ratio kg/kW
5.7(MT) 6.4(MT)



Chassis & Body

Chassis and body that can run more as the driver intends.

Increased body rigidity
By increasing the number of spot-welding points by approximately 13% and expanding the number of structural adhesive application areas by approximately 24%, the body rigidity has been increased, and handling stability and ride comfort have been improved.

Suspension mounting method changed.
The number of bolts that connect the body to the shock absorber has been changed from one to three, and changes in alignment during driving are suppressed, thereby improving the responsiveness of the vehicle’s behavior to steering operations and improving steering stability.


Cooling Package

Cooling measures to maintain stable high performance even when driving at the limit.

1. Sub radiator *
2. Cold air intake *
3. Intercooler spray * [Standard equipment on RZ “High performance”]
4. Brake duct * [Standard equipment on RZ “High performance”]
5. Air-cooled ATF cooler [standard on AT models]

Set to RZ 1 + 2 + 3 + 4
Set to RZ “High performance” 1 + 2

Due to the need for improved cooling performance due to higher output and the addition of GR-DAT, vehicles equipped with GR-DAT are equipped with an ATF cooler as standard. Furthermore, in consideration of participation in motorsports, a sub-radiator, cold air intake, and intercooler spray have been added as factory options as a new cooling package.
sub radiator
It is added with a parallel circuit to the conventional radiator and placed at the front right of the vehicle. This improves engine cooling performance and extends the duration of continuous driving under high loads.
cold air intake
Reduced drainage opening at the rear of the intake duct. Replaces the standard intake and makes it easier to take in outside air, reducing intake air temperature to bring out engine performance.
intercooler spray
When you press the switch, water is sprayed from the tank inside the luggage onto the intercooler, reducing intake air temperature. This allows the engine to maintain its original high output even during harsh driving with high outside temperatures.
* For RC, the sub-radiator is a manufacturer option. When the 18-inch package is installed, the 18-inch package, cold air intake, intercooler spray, and brake duct are factory options. When the 18-inch package is not installed, the cold air intake and intercooler spray are included as a manufacturer option.


Drive Mode Select / 4WD Mode Select

Set up functions that further enhance the fun of running.

In addition to the conventional 4WD mode select, a new drive mode select is available to balance sports driving and ease of use in daily life. Depending on the customer’s preference and the characteristics of the motorsports in which they participate, the electric power steering, air conditioning, and powertrain can be configured.
Common Expected Scene Sport driving Urban area to winding Urban area
Electric Power Steering The response is heavy. Normal
Air conditioner normal Eco
MT Accelerator Response Agile Normal Comfort
GR-DAT Accelerator Response Agile Comfort
Transform Feel Emphasis on response Balancing shock and response
Gear stage used Low Gear Selection Normal High Gear Selection


4WD Mode Select

New mode selection based on data obtained from competitions and tests.
■ NORMAL mode [60 front wheels: 40 rear wheels] Controls the torque distribution during acceleration closer to the front wheels
. A mode that allows you to enjoy every day driving lightly.
■ TRAKC mode [50 front wheels: 50 rear wheels – 30 front wheels: 70 rear wheels] A
mode in which the driving force is continuously changed from the front wheels to the rear wheels depending on the driver’s operation and vehicle conditions.
■ GRAVEL mode [53 front wheels: 47 rear wheels] This
mode aims to maximize traction performance in the limit area of the tire friction circle and low-mu roads.

Longitudinal Parking Brake

New longitudinal parking brake in consideration of participation in motorsports

Taking advantage of feedback from Morizo while participating in the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Rally Challenge, the parking brake layout has been changed*1。 By moving the lever to the front of the vehicle relative to the standard position, the distance to the steering wheel is reduced and quick operation is possible. In addition, the angle improves the ease of pulling and reduces the burden during operation.
*1. RC is available as a manufacturer option.

Circuit Mode

Experience an extraordinary sense of dynamism that cannot be experienced on public roads.

Based on GPS-based position judgment, when entering the circuit, it is possible to use functions that bring out the potential of the GR Yaris, such as anti-lag control and raising the speed limiter. In addition, each function can be customized to your liking on the smartphone app.
Circuit mode is a paid option for the T-Connect service. Depending on the circuit you are using, the function may not be available.

Key features
Anti-lag Turbo lag reduction is controlled to improve accelerator response during reacceleration.
Speed Limiter Increased the maximum vehicle speed at major circuits in Japan so that the limiter limit is not reached.
Cooling Fan Temporarily maximizes power output to promote cooling of the engine compartment and engine water temperature after circuit driving.
Shift Timing Indicator Displays indicators that visually communicate and support shift operations at the optimal time.



Core coordination with black interior with white and red accents.

Black× Red
Emotional coordination with an impressive arrangement of red.



Precious Metal (1L5)

Super White II (040)

Platinum White Pearl Mica (089)*

Precious Black Pearl (219)*

Emotional Red II (3U5)*


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