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The GR Yaris, which continues to evolve through training in the field of motorsports,
Toyota will launch “GR parts” tuned to match the GR Yaris while maintaining the concept of the GRMN Yaris, which has been refined with professional drivers by introducing a number of dedicated parts. You can enjoy sports driving on a higher level while relaxing.


GR steering wheel (ultra suede skin + silver stitch) – Released on 30th January 2023
Ultra suede is used for the epidermis to improve operability. The stitching is silver to match the color coordination of the GR Yaris. In addition, this product can also be installed on the RS grade.


TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Recorder

The unit can be installed in the dashboard cabin.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Viewer application
GAZOO Racing visualization technology for all drivers

Motorsport data engineers understand the system of the machine, read the necessary information from the in-vehicle computer, and convey the information to support the growth of the driver and the machine. The GAZOO Racing Recorder, which is specially designed for each vehicle, realizes this analysis, recording, and transmission.

Multi-GNSS and vehicle CAN information can be converted to TOYOTA Vehicle Data Visualizer (VDV) format and simultaneously transmitted via Bluetooth® while being recorded on an SD card. Equipped with an AUTO mode that starts recording with a speed trigger. Data can be recorded without disturbing the driver’s concentration. It is a new GAZOO Racing part whose function evolves with [...]

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