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Toyota Yaris Debut 2020

Toyota Yari’s new model debut in Feb 2020. There are many safety and parking assistant options are available as bellow.

Safety functions and parking supported
Pre-crash safety (Collision avoidance support type with pedestrian [day and night] / bicycle driver [day] detection function / millimeter wave radar + monocular camera method)

Blindspot monitor [BSM]
Monitor with millimeter-wave radar up to about 60m behind the vehicle in the rear side area, which is difficult to check with the door mirror, and the adjacent lane. When a vehicle approaching is detected, the indicator in the door mirror lights. At that time, if you turn the blinker, the indicator will flash to alert you more.

Lane Tracing Assist [LTA]
Even if the white line (yellow line) is difficult to see or not visible, the steering operation is supported by following the preceding vehicle. Assistance will also be provided if it is determined that the vehicle will deviate from boundaries such as asphalt or curb.

Radar cruise control (follow-up driving support function)
Follow the preceding vehicle while driving on the highway (when speed is 30km / h or more). This function reduces the driver’s burden by automatically driving acceleration/deceleration while maintaining an appropriate distance between vehicles.

Automatic high beam [AHB]
When there is no oncoming vehicle or preceding vehicle, it automatically switches to high beam, and if there is, it switches to low beam. Supports early detection of pedestrians at night by lengthening the high beam state. Compared to manual operation, the frequency of switching operations can be reduced.

SRS curtain shield airbag
The SRS curtain shield airbag spreads to cover the side of the head against impacts from the side, reducing the impact on the head. Standard on all cars.

Intelligent clearance sonar
[Parking support brake (stationary object)]
A sonar detects a stationary object such as a wall in the forward and backward direction. If you make a mistake or step on the accelerator, you will be notified by a display and a buzzer. When the distance from the stationary object decreases, the brake will be applied automatically to help reduce collisions and reduce damage.

Rear cross-traffic auto brake
[Parking support brake (rear approaching vehicle)]
Detects vehicles approaching from the left and right rear of the vehicle when retreating from the parking lot. A flashing indicator in the door mirror and a buzzer alert you. In addition, if there is a risk of collision, automatic brake control will help reduce collision damage with approaching vehicles.
GR Customized car
Frone view of Interior
Side view of front seats
Steering wheel and gear knob front view

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