Toyota to Launch New Model of”GRANACE” in Japan

“The new Granace is a full-size wagon with outstanding presence; it makes full use of its capacious to deliver a high-quality and comfortable interior space.

  • Generous size conveys both powerful presence and ease-of-handling
  • High-quality and spacious interior demonstrates hospitality for guests
  • Excellent driving stability and outstanding quietness deliver a comfortable ride
  • Ample advanced equipment such as smartphone-linkable display audio
Generous size conveys both powerful presence and ease-of-handling

The new Granace’s large radiator grille is embellished with metallic accents and flows seamlessly into the headlamps, which project in vertical and horizontal directions to create a powerful and bold frontal appearance. The distinctive LED daytime running lamps pierce the headlamps and, together with the projective twin-lens LED headlamps that flow into the decorative chrome frame, express a sophistication well-suited to a luxury car.

High-quality and spacious interior showing hospitality to guests

Granace (four-row, eight-seater model)

Granace (three-row, six-seater model)

The low, wide, black-infused instrument panel provides a feeling of luxury, featuring metallic accents on the air-conditioner outlets and wood-grain embellishment in front of the front passenger seat.
The meter hood is wrapped in leather and genuine stitching, while the steering wheel combines genuine leather with wood-grain embellishments, contributing to a quality interior space.

Ample advanced equipment such as smartphone-linkable display audio

– The new Granace is equipped with both Display Audio (DA) and DCM as standard, providing all customers with access to safe and convenient connected services.
– The SmartDeviceLinkTM-compatible TC Smartphone Navigation, as well as music and radio apps, can be displayed and operated via DA; LINE Car Navigation enables voice-activated destination-setting, the sending and receiving of LINE messages, and music playback.
– Apple CarPlay and Android AutoTM enable everyday map and music apps to be used and operated via DA (available as an option set together with TV; a T-Connect contract is required when signing-up to the service).
– Customers can also use conventional on-board navigation functions with the optional T-Connect navigation kit.

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