Honda “CR-V” with minor model change Debut!

In this minor model change, vehicle maintaining the spacious interior space and other good features and advanced equipment such as sequential turn signal lamps and steering heaters are equipped, which have been requested by many customers.

Major changes

<Additional grade>
BLACK EDITION is newly added as the highest grade. In addition to the exclusive black and white decoration for the exterior and interior, the aluminum wheels are painted black to give the SUV a distinctive strength and ruggedness. There are three main packages available from Hybrid and Gasoline. The leather seat option is available with Z and G packages.

The main exclusive decorations of BLACK EDITION

・BLACK EDITION dedicated aluminum wheels (black clear paint, 18 inches)
・BLACK EDITION dedicated emblem
・Front grille, fog light garnish, door lower garnish, tailgate garnish changed to dark chrome plating
・Headlight extension color changed to black Change
/smoke type LED rear combination lamp adopted

・Leather seat with BLACK EDITION logo
・Door ornament panel, inner door handle, etc. changed to piano black tone painting
・Wood grain panel changed to black
・Black roof lining

<Addition of advanced equipment>

-For all grades, the Sequential turn signal lamp, steering heater, and reverse interlocking door mirror, which has been requested by many SUV users, are standard equipment.

<Change of design and color>

-For the EX grade, we changed the fabric sheet to a combination sheet that combines two materials, fabric and prime smooth leather, to enhance the quality of the interior.
-For the Masterpiece grade, we reviewed the wheel design to make it more attractive. In addition, seat heaters are standard equipment on the rear seats.
-As new colors, in addition to Super Platinum Gray Metallic, Premium Crystal Blue Metallic, which adopted a special coating method that makes the shadows more beautiful by the way the light hits, there are 3 new colors, Seagrass Blue and Pearl with soft tones. Set up.

●Body-color (6 colors) ★Paid color

・Platinum white ・Pearl ★1
・Crystal black ・Pearl
・Seagrass blue ・Pearl (new color)
・Premium crystal blue ・Metallic (new color) ★2
・Premium crystal red ・Metallic ★2
· Super Platinum Gray · Metallic (new color) ★1

★1 44,000 yen (40,000 yen without 10% consumption tax) high
★2 66,000 yen (60,000 yen without 10% consumption tax) high

CR-V, various special decorations are added, and “BLACK EDITION” which emphasizes the powerful image of SUV is added to the highest grade.


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