“E-POWER” is a power train that uses gasoline to generate electricity. You can enjoy the response and acceleration like an electric car.

Other Features

In addition to optimizing the engine control for power generation, the engine operating time is shortened. This reduces noise and vibration when starting the engine, and realizes a comfortable interior.

A strong deceleration force is generated simply by returning the accelerator pedal. It reduces the burden of changing the pedal when you are on a curve or in a traffic jam.


Two Packages – X Two tone Interior Design & X

Fuel Efficiency

“Manner mode” is convenient when you want to run quietly early in the morning or late at night, caring for your family and neighbors. If you press the dedicated switch to charge in “Charge mode” and switch to “Manner mode” if necessary, the operation of the power generation engine will be suppressed as much as possible and you can run quietly.

3Mode e-Power Drive

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