LEXUS LM300 LM300h luxury minivan

Debut in November 2021

Lexus plans to release the new “LM300” and “LM300h” in November 2021.

It was unveiled for the first time in the world at the Shanghai Motor Show 2019, which will be held from April 16th to April 25th, 2019. Expected price: Around 20 million yen. On June 12, 2018, the Japanese Patent Office filed a trademark application for commercial applications (2018-77621, 77622) “LM300” and “LM300h”. In the United States, the trademark applications for “LM300” and “LM300h” were filed on the same day. It will be released in Japan around November 2021.


The new Lexus “LM300” and “LM300h”

Lexus LM is the flagship luxury sedan “LS (flagship sedan)”, the flagship luxury GT coupe “LC (flagship coupe”, the full-size luxury SUV “LX (flagship crossover)”, and the luxury yacht “LY”. It is the fifth flagship product released by Lexus following the Lexus. The LM became the ” LM (Flagship Minivan) “.

It has the same equipment as the modellista complete car “Royal Lounge” set in the Alphard and Vellfire and has a luxurious 4-seater setting. The rear cabin is equipped with a “26-inch liquid crystal display”, a “rear entertainment system” of the 19-speaker “Mark Levinson premium sound system “, and a “full partition” as standard equipment on all models. Intuitive various comfort equipment such as “dedicated VIP seat” that adopts a high back chair that wraps from the back to the head like a first-class seat, “relaxation system” that operates by air pressure, 14L refrigerator, seat reclining and TV Uses a ” centralized control touch panel ” that can be operated in a targeted manner.

The new Lexus “LM300h” will be equipped with an in-line 4-cylinder 2.5-liter direct injection engine D-4S.

The hybrid system uses a miniaturized THS II. By improving the thermal efficiency of the engine and the transmission efficiency of the transmission, the fuel efficiency of the entire power train system (engine and transmission) is improved by about 25%, and the power performance is improved by about 15% or more.

Inheriting the compact, lightweight, and low-loss technology used in the 4th generation Prius, the hybrid system for 2.5L engines has been redesigned and the high-performance multi-stage THS II has been newly developed.

The new 2.5L THS II, which is also installed in the new FR Camry, has excellent power performance and low fuel consumption due to the synergistic effect of compact, lightweight, low loss technology, and the high combustion efficiency and high output of the new engine by TNGA. Is pursued at a high level. The multi-stage THS II realizes high start acceleration performance and direct feeling that renews the driving image of hybrid vehicles. In addition to improving system efficiency during high-speed driving, high-speed fuel efficiency is improved by enabling intermittent engine operation even at high vehicle speeds.


The new Lexus “LM300” will be equipped with a V6 cylinder 3.5L engine.

LM300h in-line 4-cylinder 2.5-liter direct injection engine mounted Dynamic Force Engine

spec D-4S + motor (THSⅡ)
engine In-line 4-cylinder 2.5L direct-injection engine + motor
Maximum output 131kW(178ps)/5,700rpm
Maximum torque 221Nm(22.5kgm)/3,600-5,200rpm
Motor maximum output 88kw(120ps)
Motor maximum torque 202Nm (20.6kgm)
System maximum output 155kw(211ps)
transmission Electric step-less transmission
Drive system 2WD/4WD(E-Four)


Equipped with new LM300 V 6-cylinder 3.5L engine

spec 3.5L gasoline
engine V6 cylinder 3.5L engine
Maximum output 221kW (301PS)/6,600rpm
Maximum torque 361N・m (36.8kgf・m)/
transmission 8AT(Direct Shift-8AT)
Drive system FF / 4WD

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