Toyota Aqua New Model Debut in Aug 2021

The new Aqua will use the TNGA compact platform GA-B used by Yaris.
The evolution of body rigidity and running with the new platform is already with origami even for Yaris and Yaris Cross, so you can expect a new aqua. * The image shows the Yaris Cross, and it seems that it has been tuned for the new Aqua, and the front suspension uses the “Swing Valve Shock Absorber” that was also used in the Lexus ES ! (Standard equipment on high-grade Z FF) You can see that it is made with considerable attention to ride comfort.


Newly developed nickel-metal hydride battery adopted!


The new Aqua will be the first in the world to use a bipolar nickel-metal hydride battery as an in-vehicle battery.
This makes it possible to significantly improve the EV driving ratio compared to the previous Aqua, and it is possible to drive EV up to about 40km / h !
This greatly exceeds the previous Aqua’s up to about 15 km / h and the new Yaris hybrid’s up to about 30 km / h, and the acceleration performance from 0 to 100 km / h is in the 9 second range, which is higher than the Prius and Yaris. !! This seems to be a more fun car than Yaris in terms of driving!

However, only the base grade “B” is a lithium-ion battery.

Fuel economy of the new Aqua

The new Aqua will be available in 2WD FF and 4WD, which drives the rear wheels with a motor called E-Four, but the base grade “B” (low-priced grade of fuel efficiency special) has FF of 35.8km / L, E-Four. The fuel efficiency is 30.1km / L , which exceeds the 29.8km / L of the predecessor Aqua L.
By the way, in the grade, such as a mass-market grade “Z”, “G”, and “X”, 34.6Km / L, in the E-Four 30.0km / L in the FF it will be. * The image shows that the new Aqua of the previous generation Aqua is positioned as a car of higher quality than the Yaris, and although the fuel consumption itself is not as good as the Yaris Hybrid X’s 36.0km / L, the Nissan Note X’s 28.4km / L and Fit e: HEV The fuel efficiency is better than the 29.8km / L of HOME, which is the highest level of fuel efficiency in the world as a commercial vehicle. Only Aqua, which is loved as a daily foot, seems to meet expectations in terms of fuel efficiency with this new model! By the way, the fuel tank capacity is 36L, which is the same as the previous generation, and the cruising range seems to be no problem. The image is Yaris


B 1,980,000 yen
X 2,090,000 yen
G 2,230,000 yen
Z 2,400,000 yen


B 2,178,000 yen
X 2,288,000 yen
G 2,428,000 yen
Z 2,598,000 yen

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