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GRMN Yaris Debut in 2022 Jan

GR Yaris New Model


A race site where cars evolve every day

GR Yaris has poured WRC * know-how into commercial vehicles. Since its launch in September 2020, Akio Toyoda, also known as Morizou, has taken the handle himself and
has participated in the Super Taikyu Series (S-Taikyu) from the privateer team “ROOKIE Racing” and has been put into actual competition at the All Japan Rally Championship. rice field.



Special parts trained in race

Recaro full bucket seat (with side airbags)

GRMN dedicated sports meter * The photo is under development. It may differ from the actual product.

Body reinforcement brace

Carbon (twill CFRP) parts

Bilstein damping force adjustment type shock absorber * Circuit package exclusive setting

BBS GRMN exclusive 18-inch wheel * Circuit package exclusive setting

GR mechanical LSD

GR Reinforced Metal Clutch & Clutch Cover Set

GR Cross Mission & Lo Final Gear














Matt Steele <1M1> – 352,000 yen

Platinum White Pearl Mica <089> – 33,000 yen

Emotional Red II <3U5> – 55,000 yen

Precious Black Pearl <219> – 55,000 yen


The ever-evolving GRMN Yaris
-Update Program-

With lightweight as a weapon, GR Yaris has won various races such as rallies, dirt tracks, and circuits.
There is no way to prevent problems that occur one after another in each race, and we have evolved into a strong car that “steps on safely and with peace of mind” by repeatedly breaking and fixing it.
There is no end to evolution at the race site, and GRMN Yaris continues to evolve in response to that feedback.
As an update program, we are first preparing for an engine update that is being trained and strengthened through the race.
* The service will be provided for a fee.

To be the best match for you
-Personalization program-

An engineer who knows the field of motorsports analyzes the driving data of the owner.
At GRMN Yaris, in addition to “software” such as steering control, engine control, and drive distribution, it is possible to finely optimize “hardware” such as absorber damping force, spring rate, and aerodynamic parts according to the driving skills of each owner. ..
By controlling the weight transfer like a professional racing driver and setting the running that draws out the grip of the tire to the full, you can make it the best match for you so that you can move as your own limbs. can.
* The service will be provided for a fee.


Manufacturer’s suggested retail price * 4 Price
GRMN YARIS RALLY PKG * 5 9,878,764 yen * 6
GRMN YARIS 8,817,000 yen


* 4 – The minimum standard price is the above amount plus the option price of the desired body color. If you select an option separately, it will be the total amount.
* 5 – “Rally package” is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty because it is an option installed at the store.
* 6 – 9,878,764 yen (including consumption tax) is the price when all parts of the “Rally package” are added. If you select the parts individually, the price will be different. In addition, the labor fees will be charged separately at each store.
● The price is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price <(10% consumption tax included) as of January 2010> and is a reference price. The price is set by the retailer, so please ask each retailer for details.
● The price does not include the option price.
● Insurance premiums, taxes (excluding consumption tax), registration fees, and other expenses will be charged separately.
● GRMN Yaris is a marketing name, and the name related to notifications, etc. will be GR Yaris GRMN.
● Due to the enforcement of the Automobile Recycling Law, a recycling fee (8,820 yen <amount as of January 2010>) will be required separately. For details, please contact the dealer.


GRMN Yaris Specifications

 Specifications “Circuit package” GRMN Yaris “Rally package”
Size Length (mm) 4,030 3,995
Width (mm) 1,815 1,805
Height (mm) 1,475 1,455
W/B (mm) 2,560
Tread (Front/Rear) (mm) 1,535/1,570 1,540/1,570
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 120 130
Occupancy (passengers) 2
Vehicle weight (kg) 1,260 1,250 Depending on the selected DOP
Minimum turning radius (m) 5.7 6.0
Engine Type In-line three-cylinder intercooler turbo
Displacement (liters) 1.618
Maximum output kW (PS)/r.p.m. 200(272)/6,500
Maximum torque N・m (kgf・m)/r.p.m. 390(39.8)/3,200~4,000
Fuel tank capacity (liters) 50
Mechanism Transmission 6-speed manual transmission (iMT)/Close-ratio gears + low geared final
Gear ratio 1/2/3/4/5/6/Reverse/final 3.214/2.238/1.592/1.162/1.081/0.902/3.557/4.250
Clutch 9.5-inch dual-mass flywheel reinforced metal clutch
Driveline Four-wheel drive
Limited slip differential Mechanical (front/back)


GRMN vs GR Yaris Specifications Comparison

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