A 10th anniversary Toyota GR86 car will be launched in July 2022

Sales period is limited to 2 months

We obtained information that a special specification car will be added to the Toyota GR86 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its debut.

The name seems to be of the special specification car is “RZ” 10th Anniversary Limited ” that is based on RZ.

Place a dedicated emblem on the back door glass

The design is unknown, but it is expected to be an image like the special specification car “TX” L Package 70th ANNIVERSARY LIMITED “set in the Land Cruiser Prado.

Although there is no information on the suspension, there is a possibility that special wheels will be adopted.

The interior is also sporty black x orange

Black and red can be selected as the interior color for the base grade “RZ”, but only black for special edition cars. While black is precious, it seems to be a sporty atmosphere with orange colors scattered everywhere.

The main specifications currently known are as follows.

  • The lining of the seat perforations is orange
  • A special logo with orange embroidery is placed on the instrument panel (door side)
  • The sheet band color is orange
  • Blackened instrument panel mall in the passenger seat
  • Cast black paint on the satin silver part

As an image, it seems that the specifications will be close to the special specification car of the predecessor 86 (see the image above). Those who are attracted to these specifications may consider purchasing.

Instrument panel molding (passenger side, cast black paint)

Leather-wrapped 3-spoke steering wheel (orange stitching)
Genuine leather-wrapped shift boot, genuine leather-wrapped parking brake lever & boots (orange stitching), center console decoration [dial heater switch + piano touch switch + ornament (cast black paint), VSC OFF switch + driving control mode switch (AT) car> + TRACK switch (black)]

Door trim armrest (orange stitch)

10th-anniversary embroidery (driver’s seat/passenger seat shoulder pad)

Ultrasuede® (with orange perforation) x genuine leather seat upholstery (orange stitching, orange accents)


For a limited time order for 2 months
The GR86 “RZ” 10th Anniversary Limited ” will be ordered for about two months from mid-July to the end of August 2022. It seems that the retailers will start accepting orders in early July.

The order period is shorter than the general special specification car, so please do not forget if you are considering it.

It will be announced on July 24th, 2022, and production will start around November 2022. The vehicle price is unknown at the moment, but if all the specifications are currently known all, it is expected to be about 50,000 yen plus the base price of RZ.


The list of main equipment
Toyota GR86 special edition
RZ “10th Anniversary Limited” main equipment list
◆: Special equipment ●: Standard equipment
△: Manufacturer option (to be requested at the time of order) □: Dealer installation option
special edition car base vehicle
RZ “10th Anniversary Limited” RZ
6 AT 6 MT 6 AT 6 MT
Exterior & Mechanism
undercarriage 215/40R18 tires & 18×7¹⁄₂J aluminum wheels
(matte black paint/with center ornament)
tire puncture emergency repair kit ● *1 ● *1
Spare tire (emergency tire) △ *1 *2
11,000 yen (10,000 yen excluding consumption tax)
△ *1 *2
11,000 yen (10,000 yen excluding consumption tax)
mechanism Front sports brake pad (high μ pad) *3
Torsen® LSD (Limited Slip Differential)
exterior Front bumper grille (G mesh pattern)
muffler cutter
10th-anniversary sticker (back glass) *4
safety equipment
sight Bi-Beam LED headlamps (with auto-leveling function +
LED clearance lamps + LED turn lamps/decorative)
Rear fog lamp *5
Preventive safety/collision safety iSight
Core Technology
pre-crash brake
Cruise control with constant speed / all speed tracking function
Lane departure warning/sway warning/
preceding vehicle departure notification function
AT erroneous start suppression control/AT erroneous reverse travel suppression control
Reverse brake assist
high beam assist
Steering-linked headlamp
rear side warning support system
Constant speed cruise control
operating system Leather-wrapped 3-spoke steering wheel
paddle shift
Leather-wrapped shift lever knob & parking brake lever
Sports aluminum pedals (accelerator, brake, clutch [MT car], footrest)
clutch start system
Driving control mode (sport mode/snow mode)
sheet seat cover Ultrasuede® (with perforation) x genuine leather *6 ◆Orange Perforation/
Orange Accent
●Silver perforation,
gunmetal accent *7
interior Blannove® skin-wrapped meter visor
Instrument panel molding (passenger side) ◆Cast black paint ● Satin silver
Center console decoration Dial type heater switch + piano touch switch + ornament ◆Cast black paint ● Satin silver
VSC OFF switch + driving control mode switch [AT car] + TRACK switch ◆ Black ● Satin silver
door trim Center: Wrapped in skin/
Shoulder pad: Wrapped in Blancnove®
10th-anniversary embroidery (driver’s seat/passenger seat shoulder pad)
front cup holder 2 in the center console box
1 outside the center console box
stitch Steering wheel, shift boot, parking brake lever & boot, seat, door armrest ◆Orange ●Silver *7
navigation audio Audios (with audio less cover)
Toyota genuine navigation/audio *8
others USB charging terminals (2 in the center console box) *9
Accessory socket (DC12V/120W/in the glove box)
tool jack + jack handle △ *1 △ *1
jack + jack handle □ *2 □ *2



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