An exhibition event for the new “Skyline” will be held in Japan from 16 July 2019

The Skyline, which reached 62 years since its first birth in 1957 , is a premium sports sedan representing Nissan, which has been loved by many customers in Japan as a car of yearning. In addition, the successive “Skyline” has always adapted and evolved the cutting edge technology of that era.

And the new Skyline, equipped with the world’s first advanced driver assistance technology “Pro-Pilot 2.0”, will also evolve as a model for the beginning of a new era of “Nissan of technology”.

The world’s first advanced driver assistance technology “Pro-Pilot 2.0”, etc., mounted on the new “Skyline” which is the symbol of “Nissan of technology” and has the longest history of Nissan vehicles Through technology, we have created a world view that makes us feel Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

In addition, we will also exhibit a number of Heritage Cars from the successive skylines, which highlight the history of “Technology Nissan”. In addition, we will give a presentation that conveys the attractiveness of the product through visuals and vehicles.

It will be a valuable place to experience the new “Skyline” the fastest in Japan, so take this opportunity to see, touch, ride and enjoy the new “Skyline” if you in Japan in August.

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