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Honda e Debut Soon!

The Honda e is a new type of electric vehicle (EV)

The Honda e new era electric vehicle lands in Japan in 2020

The Honda e new era electric vehicle lands in Japan in 2020

Honda brings its expertise in expressing the joy of driving and emotional attachment, to the Honda e’s simple and clean exterior design. New technologies, such as pop-out door handles and Camera Mirror System that replaces door mirrors help to accentuate the seamless, smooth appearance.

Inside, the Honda e’s cabin is lounge-like, a simple and comforting space, equipped with a large, intuitive dual-screen touchscreen display. Honda Personal Assistant, based on Honda’s advanced AI and connected technologies, seamlessly connects mobility and people’s daily lives.

The long wheelbase and short overhang of Honda’s newly developed compact EV platform accomplish both urban versatility and excellent performance. The Honda e’s powerful motor and rear-wheel-drive system realize the joy of driving that only Honda can bring, [...]

Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled the new Hiace, a new series developed overseas, in the Philippines for the first time. After launching in the Philippines, the company will gradually launch the product in countries and regions centered on emerging countries by 2020

There are three variation of packages are available as  “Van”, “Commuter” and “Tourism” . Multiple seats and luggage compartment layouts were prepared according to the packages.

  • Two types of body types are available: short / standard roof and long / high roof. The engine will be a 2.8-liter diesel engine “1GD” and a 3.5-liter gasoline engine “7GR.”
  •  The body size is 5265 x 1950 x 1990mm (length x width x height) with a short and [...]
The world's first advanced driver assistance technology "Pro-Pilot 2.0", etc., mounted on the new "Skyline" which is the symbol of "Nissan of technology" and has the longest history of Nissan vehicles Through technology, we have created a world view that makes us feel Nissan Intelligent Mobility.
"The Corolla & Corolla Touring", which has made its first debut in Europe and North America, has attracted attention for its sporty appearance and polished performance as a basic car. The domestic model will finally appear in the fall of 2019.
"SHUTTLE" has been well received for its excellent practicality and design. The appeal has been further enhanced by adding an auto-high beam * to the sharp, flowing exterior, high-quality interior that creates a special feeling, and the high-level beam added to the advanced safe driving support system "Honda SENSING" Configuration
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