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Honda e Debut Soon!

The Honda e is a new type of electric vehicle (EV)

The Honda e new era electric vehicle lands in Japan in 2020

The Honda e new era electric vehicle lands in Japan in 2020

Honda brings its expertise in expressing the joy of driving and emotional attachment, to the Honda e’s simple and clean exterior design. New technologies, such as pop-out door handles and Camera Mirror System that replaces door mirrors help to accentuate the seamless, smooth appearance.

Inside, the Honda e’s cabin is lounge-like, a simple and comforting space, equipped with a large, intuitive dual-screen touchscreen display. Honda Personal Assistant, based on Honda’s advanced AI and connected technologies, seamlessly connects mobility and people’s daily lives.

The long wheelbase and short overhang of Honda’s newly developed compact EV platform accomplish both urban versatility and excellent performance. The Honda e’s powerful motor and rear-wheel-drive system realize the joy of driving that only Honda can bring, and ease of handling with the urban commuter in mind.

The Honda e is compatible with rapid charging, capable of being charged up to 80 percent in 30 minutes.


Exterior colors

The selection of various body colors, including the new charge yellow

The wide vision instrument panel


The wide vision instrument panel with each display and meter arranged in a straight line.

17″ inch Alloy wheels

17-inch aluminum wheels that have a unique design and a strong presence.


Interior Design

Interior design that aims to make you feel like you are in the living room.


A Side camera mirror system

A side camera mirror system that provides a good field of view instead of a door mirror.


A Side camera mirror system

A charging/power supply port that combines high quality with ease of use .or.

Smartphone Connectivity

Connectivity that allows various operations with a smartphone.


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