Toyota Unveils New bZ4X electric SUV

Debut in July 2021

TOKYO — Toyota Motor is set to introduce 15 electric vehicle models by 2025 as the world’s biggest automaker looks to capture a slice of the fast-growing EV market.

The Japanese automaker is known for kick-starting the market for hybrid vehicles, which combine an engine with an electric motor, but has been less aggressive than its U.S. and European rivals in developing fully electric models. Its latest move is the first indication that Toyota intends to catch up and develop a full lineup of eco-friendly vehicles.

Seven of the EV models will be launched under a new brand, Toyota bZ. The first model, the Toyota bZ4X SUV, will be jointly developed with compatriot Subaru, in which Toyota has a 20% stake, and will go on sale by the middle of 2022.

Based on the proposition of reducing CO2 emissions throughout the life cycle, Toyota believes that the unique characteristics of EVs should be utilized in the introduction of EVs, and Toyota is introducing them in two major directions. One is to realize “Mobility for All”, with a small number of people and close proximity while building new business models such as commercialization of battery reuse and recycling and services for users.

This is an ultra-compact EV that focuses on the use of distance and is equipped with a battery with a small capacity. The “C + pod” introduced in December 2020 corresponds to this type. On the other hand, the new EV series TOYOTA bZ is an EV that aims to be accepted by many users in areas such as China, the United States, and Europe where there is a lot of demand for EVs and power supply from renewable energy. bZ is an abbreviation of “beyond Zero”, and it is said that it expresses the desire to “deliver value to customers beyond mere Zero Emission”. Based on a platform dedicated to EVs, “Cruising range considering the usage environment so that more customers can choose with confidence” “Open and highly flexible interior space unique to EVs and innovative exterior design” It features two points. As for the TOYOTA bZ series, it is difficult for Toyota alone to introduce EVs of various sizes and styles according to the needs of users, so we are proceeding with development in collaboration with partners who have their respective areas of expertise. Announced that. BYD, Daihatsu, Subaru, and Suzuki are currently listed as partner companies, and by linking with energy policies that promote renewable energy, users can broaden their choices in each region where they sell, further CO2. It wants to reduce emissions.


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