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Nissan NV 200 GX 2WD 1,500CC 5 Seats

Nissan NV 200 GX



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Nissan NV 200 Van


Plenty of room. Easily upfitted. Nimble and efficient, the new NV200 Compact Cargo is a capable hauler, great for tight corners and tight budgets alike. With a choice of an upfit allowance, complimentary and discounted shelving, and upfit packages, NV200 Compact Cargo can help qualified business owners get the most out of every dollar.


The colors are available for the NISSAN NV 200 Van Package.

Please specify the color when you place the factory order. Some colors are not available with other packages



White pearl

White pearl – 44,000 yen

Super Black

Super Black

Tiger eye brown

Tiger eye brown – 44,000yen

Lagon Blue

Lagon Blue

Briliant Silver

Briliant Silver

Blade Silver

Blade Silver

Please, note that this price is to deliver the vehicle to port in Jpan. Please provide contact information to get the total price to your country.


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  • ABS
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Airbags
  • Air Conditioning
  • Anti-theft Protection
  • Audio Interface
  • Automatic Headlights
  • Auto Start/Stop
  • Cruise Control
  • Direct Fuel Injection
  • Electric Parking Brake
  • Luggage Compartments
  • ParkAssist
  • Power Steering
  • Seat Heating
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Universal Audio Interface
  • Voice Control System
Model 2WD 4WD
Model DBF-VM20 CBF-VNM20
Transmission 5-speed manual OR Full-range electronically controlled 4-speed automatic [E-ATx] Continuously variable automatic transmission (with torque converter) [with 7-speed mode] + paddle shift
Body Type VAN VAN
Exterior Width 4400mm 4410mm
Exterior Length 1695mm 1695mm
Exterior Hight 1855mm 1855mm
Wheelbase 2725mm 2725mm
Tred (Front/Rear) 1490mm/1510mm 1495mm/1500mm
Lowest floor height/bed surface floor height 160mm/520mm 150mm/555mm
Weight 1230kg(Root Van: 1200kg) 1320kg
Maximum loading capacity 600kg 500kg
Maximum weight 1940kg(Root Van: 1910kg) 1930kg
Passengers 2 2
Interior Length 1900mm 1900mm
Interior Width 1500mm 1500mm
Interior Height 1365mm 1325mm
Engine 2WD 4WD
Model HR16DE HR16DE
Engine Type. Cylinder no & arrangement DOHC water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder DOHC water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder
Cylinder inner diameter x stroke 78.0mm×83.6mm 78.0mm×83.6mm
Total displacement 1.597L 1.597L
Compression ratio 9.8 9.8
Maximum output 80kW(109PS)/6000rpm 80kW(109PS)/6000rpm
Maximum torque 152N・m(15.5kgf・m)/4400rpm 〔150N・m(15.3kgf・m)/4400rpm〕 152N・m(15.5kgf・m)/4400rpm 〔150N・m(15.3kgf・m)/4400rpm〕
Fuel supply device Nissan EGI (ECCS) electronically controlled fuel injection system Nissan EGI (ECCS) electronically controlled fuel injection system
Fuel used / tank capacity Unleaded regular gasoline 55L Unleaded regular gasoline 55L
Gear ratio 1st speed Manual:3.727/Automatic:2.861
Gear ratio 2nd speed Manual:2.047/Automatic:1.562
Gear ratio 3rd speed Manual:1.392/Automatic:1.000
Gear ratio 4th speed Manual:1.096/Automatic:0.697
Gear ratio 5th speed Manual:0.891/Automatic: --
Gear ratio reverse Manual:4.214/Automatic:2.310
Final reduction ratio Manual:3.545/Automatic:4.072 Manual:4.214/Automatic:4.072
Fuel efficiency JC-08 13.2km/L(14.0km/L) 12.0km/L
Fuel efficiency WLTC -- --
Fuel efficiency City mode (WLTC-L) -- --
Fuel efficiency Suburb mode (WLTC-M) -- --
Fuel efficiency Expressway mode (WLTC-H) -- --
Measure for main fuel economy improvement Variable valve timing, electric power steering Variable valve timing, electric power steering
Minimum rotation radius (m) 5.2 5.4
Environmental specifications 2WD 4WD
CO2 emissions (g / km) <converted value from fuel consumption> -- --
Exhaust gas (CO)(JC08H + JC08C mode certified standard value) Manual:14.0 / 4AT:13.2  12.0
Exhaust gas (NMHC)(JC08H + JC08C mode certified standard value) Manual:0.013/ 4AT:0.10 0.025
Exhaust gas (NOx)(JC08H + JC08C mode certified standard value) Manual:0.018/ 4AT:0.05 0.035
Exhaust gas (PM)(JC08H + JC08C mode certified standard value) --- ---
Air conditioner refrigerant Type / GWP value HFC-134a/1430 HFC-134a/1430
Air conditioner refrigerant amount Without rear cooler: 450g HFC-134a (GWP1430) Without rear cooler: 450g HFC-134a (GWP1430)
Conformity regulation / certification level Medium-duty gasoline vehicle conforms to the 2005 standard exhaust gas 75% reduction level Medium-duty gasoline vehicle conforms to the 2005 standard exhaust gas 50% reduction level
VOC in the car JAMA target achieved (below the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare indoor concentration guideline value) JAMA target achieved (below the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare indoor concentration guideline value)

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Foglamp Maker option DX, VX & GX
Green glass <front door, sliding door, rear side, back door> DX & VX
UV cut insulation privacy glass <sliding door, rear side, back door> Maker option DX & VX
Slide side window <both sides, flash type> Maker option DX & VX
High beam assist AT only
High beam assistless Maker option for AT only
Auto light system
Auto light system less Maker option
Door mirror DX & VX AT only
Remote control door mirror Maker option for DX, VX & GX AT
Rear under mirror AT only
Back monitor Dealer option
Halogen headlamp (with manual leveler)
Front step-less wiper
Rear intervening wiper
Heat ray rear window
Room mirror
Super UV cut green glass <front>
Around the driver's seat/air conditioning
Power window <front door> (water-resistant type, driver's seat: one-touch, activated after key-off, with pinch prevention mechanism) Maker option for DX
Remote control entry system (1 remote control key, 1 spare key) DX, VX & GX only
Intelligent key (driver's seat/passenger's seat / back door detection) & engine immobilizer (approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism)
Vehicle information display in the meter
Center control finisher (silver color) 16X only
Inside front door handle finisher (silver color) GX & 16X Only
Center console tray
Center console box (with coin holder) & seat under tray <driver's side> Maker option
In-store upper tray <center part>
Cup holder (2 front, 2 seconds)
Cup holder (2 front, 2 seconds, 2 third) 16X-3R only
Sliding door bottle holder (2 left and right) 16X only
Rear cooler 16X-3R only
Clean filter 16X-3R only
Electric power steering
Tilt steering
Centralized door lock
Manual air conditioner
Sun visor <driver's seat / passenger seat> (with ticket holder)
Door pocket <front>
Glove box (with car verification box)
In-store upper pocket
Convenience store hook
Card holder <right side>
Power socket
Audio / Navigation
AM / FM radio (digital clock display, an external input terminal, 2 speakers) DX & VX Only
CD integrated AM / FM radio (digital clock display, 4 speakers) Maker option for DX,VX & 16X-2R(Include with 16X-3R)
Audio less Maker option for DX & VX - 2 Speakers; GX & 16X4 speakers
Nissan original navigation (memory type)
NAVIRECO camera bargain pack
ETC2.0 / ETC unit
Seat & luggage compartment
Front Seat fabric Tricot:DX,VX & GX; jersey: Others
Second seat Folding sheet Tricot: DX, VX; jersey: Others
Second seat 6: 4 split Maker option; comes with 16X
Third seat jersey: 16X-3R only
Assist grip (2 seconds) comes with all except DX 2 seats
Boarding / alighting grip <driver's seat> Dealer option
Boarding / alighting grip <passenger seat> Dealer option
Front seat up and down adjustable headrest GX & 16X only
Front Low back sheet GX & 16X only
Front High back seat DX & VX Only
Front Reclining
Front Seat slide
Passenger seatback table
Second seat with vertically adjustable headrest maker option except 16X
Second Folding seat
second seat 6: 4 split type, reclining maker option (includes 16X)
Third seat with Vertically adjustable headrest 16X-3R only
Third seat Multi-up type (horizontal flip-up type) GX & 16X only
Luggage floor carpet GX & 16X only
Luggage floor protector (made of polyvinyl chloride / 2mm thick) maker option
Luggage Detachable partition curtain Maker option
Luggage side box GX & 16X only
Luggage Seat side tray <third> 16X only
Luggage Full trim 16X only
Luggage room ceiling trim Includes except for DX 2 seats
Backdoor assist belt Includes except for 16X
Luggage utility nut Includes except for 16X
Utility hook (1 set 2 pieces) Dealer option
System bar Dealer option
Multi-luggage net Dealer option
Partition pipe
Floor carpet Dealer option
Luggage carpet 16X only
Floor mat (rubber mat) Includes except for 16X
Luggage mat Includes except for 16X
Luggage room lamp
Rope hook (4 pieces)
Backdoor pull handle
Tires & Wheels
Center cap DX Only
Full wheel cover VX,GX & 16X Only
14-inch aluminum wheels (14 x 5J), insets: 45, P.C.D: 114.3 (4 holes)
Front 165 / 80R14 91 / 90N LT tires : Rear 165 / 80R14 97 / 95N LT tires
Rear 175 / 80R14 99 / 98N LT tires 4WD only
Spare tire (mounted tire) 2WD only
Tire emergency repair kit (spare tireless) 4WD only
jack comes with the 2WD:4WD-maker option
Front grill (plating) 16X Only
Colored door handle 16X only
Colored bumper VX, GX & 16X only
Backdoor finisher (plating) DX, VX & GX only
Heavy-duty rack
Mudguard colored VX,GX & 16X Only
Mudguard Resin color (black)
VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control [including TCS function])
Hill-start assist
Intelligent emergency brake
LDW (Lane Departure Warning)
Sign detection function (no entry sign detection, maximum speed sign detection, stop sign detection)
Intelligent emergency brakeless 2WD only
LDW (Lane Departure Warning) 2WD only
Remove Sign detection function (no entry sign detection, maximum speed sign detection, stop sign detection) Maker option
Front seat - Pretensioner seat belt with load limiter 3-point seat belt with ELR
Second Seat - 3-point seat belt with ELR (2-point center) DX, VX & GX(Except for DX 2 seats)
Second seat - 3-point seat belt with ELR <3 seats> 16X only
Third seat - 3-point seat belt with ELR 16X-3R only
ISO FIX compatible child seat anchors (2 seats on the left and right of the second seat) 16X only
Driver/passenger seat SRS airbag system
ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution System)
Brake assist
Warning light and sound when the driver's seat belt is not fastened (seat belt/reminder)
Key forgetting alarm
Headlamp forgetting to turn off the alarm
Parking brake forgetting to return alarm
Fuel level warning light
Half-door warning light
Child safety door lock
The high mount stop lamp
Front stabilizer
Front ventilated disc brake
Battery saver (room lamp, headlamp, luggage room lamp)
Cold climate battery, heater door mirror, rear heater duct, high concentration antifreeze Maker option (Comes as default with 4WD)
Quick heater pack (driver's seat heater, PTC element heater) Maker option
Manufacture Options Price
Quick heater pack (driver's seat heater, PTC element heater) + remote control door mirror + battery for cold regions, door mirror with heater, rear heater duct (excluding two-seater), high-concentration antifreeze 77,000 yen 
Second seat (6: 4 split type + vertical adjustment type headrest) + seat material (second seat 6: 4 split type, tricot) 33,000 yen
Year: 2020
Model: VAN
Body Style: Mini Van
Mileage: 0.0
Engine: 1,500CC
Transmission: E-ATx (Electronic Automatic Transaxle Control Module)
Fuel: Gasoline
Fuel Economy: 15.4
Condition: Brand New
Destination Country: Tokyo
Price: ¥2,360,000
Drivetrain: 2WD
Exterior Color: Brilliant Silver
Interior Color: Gray
KML: 15.4 City / 15.0 Highway
Stock Number: 690693

Fuel Efficiency Rating

  • City: 15.4
  • Highway: 15.0

Actual rating will vary with options, driving conditions, driving habits and vehicle condition.

The lead time of factory order of brand new vehicle is 3 to 4 weeks but the lead time depends on backlog availability at the factory.

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