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Toyota Roomy Type B Welcab 2WD 1,000CC

Passenger seat lift-up seat car + Wheelchair



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Lift-up seat with automatic memory function.
The seat descends to the height it was last swung out and automatically stops. Transferring to your wheelchair is smooth (the memory range is 200mm from the bottom).
The seat height can be stopped at any height by pressing the remote control switch again.
Also, when the seat is returned to the room, it automatically returns to the seat position (slide position / reclining angle) before getting off.

Car with side lift up tilt seat

About passenger seat lift-up seat car
If you cannot sit deeply in the seat, or if your knees and neck do not bend, your feet and head will hit the body, making it difficult to rotate the seat while sitting.

Please use armrests and footrests to maintain your posture.
The passenger seat lift-up seat is different from the base car seat. Full reclining is not possible. The seat slide amount and seatback angle are also different from those of the base model. In addition, the seat surface when the seat is stored is about 15 mm higher than the base car.
Child seats cannot be attached to the passenger seat lift-up seat.
The A-type cannot store the rear seat on the passenger seat side, and the B type cannot store the dive-in on the driver’s seat side/passenger seat side rear seat.

Please note about wheelchairs that can be stored in B type.
Even if it is within the above dimensions, it may not be possible to store it depending on the shape of the wheelchair and the installation of options. For details, please ask the dealer and check with the actual vehicle using your wheelchair.
Depending on the type of wheelchair, the backrest of the wheelchair may come into contact with the ground during loading and unloading and become dirty. In that case, you can prevent the backrest from getting dirty by raising and lowering the push handle without folding it. Fold the push handle before turning it counterclockwise.
When the wheelchair is fixed, the rear visibility becomes poor. Please be careful when driving.

About B type wheelchair storage device (electric slide type, 35 kg type)
[Before use]
It is necessary to adjust the caster fixing guide at the dealer at the time of delivery according to the caster of your wheelchair. Also, if there is a change in the wheelchair to be stored, please readjust it at the store. If you do not adjust the position of the caster fixing guide, the wheelchair will not be fixed securely and may be damaged.

[Precautions for use]
Do not place anything other than a wheelchair or luggage on the wheelchair storage device. If you put something on it during operation, it may fall and damage or break down the vehicle.
The reclining angle and slide amount of the rear seat are limited.
When storing an electric wheelchair, be sure to remove the battery of the electric wheelchair. The battery may come off and fall, or it may malfunction in the luggage, damaging the wheelchair storage device or wheelchair.

[About operation]
Do not stop the engine when operating the wheelchair storage device. Operating with the engine stopped may cause the battery to run down.
When removing the wheelchair storage device from the vehicle, make sure that there is sufficient space behind the vehicle and that it is on a flat surface.
When operating the wheelchair storage device, do not recline the rear seats.

Riding capacity: 5 people (2WD) / 5 people (4WD)

Drive grade FOB Price
2WD X 2,200,000 yen
G 2,340,000 yen
4WD X 2,070,000 yen
Si 2,240,000 yen
Please, note that this price is to deliver the vehicle to port in Jpan. Please provide contact information to get the total price to your country.

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  • Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Headlights
  • Floor Mats
  • ParkAssist
  • Reversing Camera
  • Seat Ventilation
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Voice Control System
Engine Model 8NR-FTS
Displacement 1,196CC
Engine Layout Series 4-cylinder intercooler with turbo
Highest Power 85(116)kW(PS)
@ rpm 5,200〜5,600 rpm
Torque N・m(kgf・m)/r.p.m. 185(18.9)/1,500〜4,000
Vehicle Type DBA-NGX50-AHXNX(L)
Fuel supply device In-cylinder direct fuel injection device (D-4T)
CO2 emission 142g/km
Exhaust gas CO:1.15 ; NMHC:0.013 ; NOx : 0.013
Outside noise (acceleration / proximity) 72/68 db
Refrigerant type (GWP value * 10) / amount used HFC-134a(1,430)/470
Manual Gearbox Super CVT-(i Automatic CVT [with 7-speed Sport Sequential Shiftmatic]]
Fuel consumption
City (estimate) 16
Highway (estimate) 20
Length 4,360mm.
Width 1,795mm.
Height 1,565mm.
Wheelbase 2,640mm.
Vehicle weight 1,400Kg
Vehicle gross weight 1,675Kg
Luggage compartment volume 318L.
Fuel Tank Capacity 50L.

Seats that can be used in space-savings: Seats to and from the seats are small, and passengers can get on and off even in general parking lots.

Equipped with an electric tilt seat ... The seat rotates to the outside of the vehicle and the seat and backrest tilt. Supports stand-up when getting off and seating when getting on.

Seat with automatic memory function: When the seat is returned to the room, it automatically returns to the seat position before getting off.

Features of side lift up tilt seat

The seat allowance to the outside of the car is small, and it is possible to get on and off even when the car is stopped next to it. The sheet is hard to get wet even on rainy days.

By tilting the seat, the position of the hips can be kept high 1, both feet can reach the ground * , and the feet can be moved forward from a slightly bent state, so it 2is easy to get up.

The size of the footrest is increased, the knee angle when getting on and off and sitting indoors is relaxed, and the burden on the knee is less.

Features of side lift up tilt seat

Year: 2021
Make: Toyota
Model: ROOMY
Body Style: Hatchback
Mileage: 20
Engine: 1,000CC
Transmission: 7-speed sport with sequential shift-matic
Condition: Brand New
Price: ¥2,200,000
Drivetrain: 2WD
Exterior Color: Premium Sunlight White Pearl
Interior Color: Black
KML: 15 City / 18 Highway
Stock Number: 690713

Fuel Efficiency Rating

  • City: 15
  • Highway: 18

Actual rating will vary with options, driving conditions, driving habits and vehicle condition.

The lead time of factory order of brand new vehicle is 3 to 4 weeks but the lead time depends on backlog availability at the factory.

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