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Yozisuka Wheelchair RA01

Folding type wheelchair



Factory Order

Folding type wheelchair with rigidity comparable to the fixed car by weldless structure.
To you the only sophisticated form of one’s car that makes use of state-of-the-art processing technology.

Combining safety and security
Wheelchair nestled close to users


Newly designed frame structure achieves higher durability and lighter weight

Strong and supple machined body
The newly designed frame structure allows you to feel lighter and easier to handle than ordinary pipe-type wheelchairs.
The platform frame and sophisticated units make up the wheelchair that’s best for you.


Welded less frame from YOSIZUKA
Resolve the risk that the weld will come off during running, Maintaining the ruggedness of the load capacity of 330 lb, both safety and ease of use were achieved at the same time.

Fold compactly

Folding type
Adopted folding mechanism with X bar structure.
It folds compactly when you move or store in a car and broadens your life.

Even folding lightly

X bar unit
By unique processing technology and structure, we ensure rigidity comparable to fixed type. Folding type We realized an exhilarating ride by eliminating distortion of the body distinctive.

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Flame Aluminum alloy scraping structure platform frame
Whole weight (excluding wheel) 19.62 lb
Load bearing capacity 220.5 lb
A Length 31.42 inch
B Height 27.24 inch
C Width 22.17 inch
D Sheet width (3 stages selection) 14.17 inch・14.96 inch・15.75 inch
E Sheet depth 13.78 inch
F Front sitting height 17.56 inch
G Back sitting height (three-stage selection) 14.57 inch・15.43 inch・16.30 inch
H Back support high 11.26 inch
I Back support angle (adjustable) 88°?110°
J Foot support length 15.59 inch

basic specifications

Armrest Fixed type
Foot support (choose 2 types) Integral type ・ bounce-up block type
wheel Plastic Wheel
tire Air Tire 37-540 (24 inch 1.3 / 8) British valve
Main wheel mounting position Adjustable 0.86 inch front and rear and up and down from the standard position
Camber angle (2 stage selection) 0 ° ・ 3 °
Caster (front wheel) 5 inch tire bearing type resin fork
Caster mounting position Adjustable 0.63 inch before and after the standard position
Back seat Adjustable type (width 13.4 inch - 15.7 inch)
Seat Adjustable type (width 13.4 inch - 15.7 inch)

●Specification, appearance and above specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement

Of your favorite, of a lot of colors you can enjoy a combination.

Year: 2021
Model: FA02
Body Style: Foldable Wheelchair
Condition: Brand New
Destination Country: Tokyo
Price: ¥314,000
Exterior Color: RED
KML: City / Highway
Stock Number: WC690717

Fuel Efficiency Rating

  • City: N/A
  • Highway: N/A

Actual rating will vary with options, driving conditions, driving habits and vehicle condition.

The lead time of factory order of brand new vehicle is 3 to 4 weeks but the lead time depends on backlog availability at the factory.

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